Network Design


Network Design that is tailor made for your business

It is important for businesses to be operating on a network that is fit for their purposes and business goals. At Prestige IT, we can tailor your network design around your business, ensuring demands are met and bandwidth is properly optimised, without letting traffic become unevenly distributed.

Network Design service

Most businesses find the challenge of managing an ever-growing amount of data a tricky one. In order to achieve optimal performance and functionality, your entire network must be safe and secure, and must be able to adapt to varying amounts of traffic and data. Modern businesses need to make sure their infrastructure can also handle the increasing demands of new technology and applications which is why our experienced team is on hand to provide your business with a reliable, high quality network system that is tailor made for your specific requirements.


We can offer a range of services including:

  • Network convergence
  • Full application compatibility
  • Data centre switching
  • Controlled network access
  • Wireless network access

Our high-standard network solutions are guaranteed to meet the needs of your business, providing improved speed and performance while adding no unnecessary disturbances as a result.

All of our Network Design solutions are dependable and scalable meaning that we can grow your network as your business expands and develops. Throughout the process of implementing your new network solutions, we will make sure you will maintain all your essential business functions, and will be on hand to provide aftercare support, should your team require it.